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Our automatic soap dispenser has foam type, liquid type and spray type, which may well meet the needs of various scenarios.


ASD-Foam Type


ASD-F01A White


Multi functional integrated

Intelligent toothbrush disinfection machine

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BAT-X Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., located in Ningbo, China, is a high-end, professional and international R & D, design and manufacturer of intelligent household appliances.
The company implements the European project management mode to meet the needs of our customers in Europe and America. After years of efforts, we have established long-term cooperative customers mainly in the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hungary and Turkey.Our mission is to constantly seek innovation to provide ...

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Automatic sensing, reaching out for bubbles, easy to wash

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Induction trash can is relatively simple compared with ordinary trash can. In short, the cover can be opened and clos...

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Smart light - Smart life to make life simpler

Automatic human body sensing small night light, human body sensing intelligent night light, inductive light, intell...

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